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Expert Interview

M.D, Sadhi Machinery Plastic Product

About our Company

We Sadhi machinery Plastic Product (SMP) are one of the leading manufacturer of Plastic Blow Moulding machinery in India from past 15 Years. We manufacturer “Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines”, which will useful to manufacturer items use in Cosmetics, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Lubricants, Automobile, Toys and in many more fields. In this machine you can manufacturer items whose materials are HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC & PET-G. We manufacturer Machines ranging from 5 ml to 10 Ltrs.  In short we develop better business for you.

About us

We means all the staff of SMP are like one big family and we always try to provide best quality & service of machine to the customer. We are always happy to help our client, actually we provide 24/7 online & offline service to our customers. And main point is that we always believe in relationship between us and Customer, even if we are not doing business with each other than still we are always there to guide them in the right direction.


Q.   What is the Value addition of your product

As, we all know that we cannot know the actual Quality of product without seeing with our own eyes and inspecting it by own hand, but still I will ensure you that you will find our product’s quality very satisfactory to your demands and in future you will be taking responsibility of our product’s quality to others and that for sure.

Q.   What will be your advice to the Potential buyers

There is only advice to the potential buyers that, you first need to survey the market around you very carefully and need to know Which type of order you are going to get for sure. And if you had decided to go in without surveying it than there is only one thing we can do and that is to give your 100% in this business and you will be succeed in this field for sure.

Q.   What is the Potential of this Market

If you have fear that government are banning all the plastic products and because of it you will also be effected than you don’t know exactly, because As I mentioned earlier that our machine are used for material Like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC & PET-G. Which are totally Recyclable, so there is no question of banning it. And in fact, we are seeing Growth in our Chemical Field, Agriculture Field, FMCG market & many more Fields, so clearly this field is expanding day by day as Make in India are providing more opportunities.

In Short, there is lot of potential in this market.