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Expert Interview

CEO, Nicolás Correa S.A.-India

About the expert
Parag Alekar, is a Master in Business Management and holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. He has over two decades of experience in the Machine Tool Industry. He has a unique blend of hardcore technical knowledge and customer relationship management. A natural leader with a gift for influencing decision makers with a direct and clear communication style, Parag has built alliances across cultures leading to increase in sales.

Starting his career as a Service Engineer he had a strong passion for Sales and Customer Satisfaction which paved a unique career path for him. His dedication for work and perseverance has bought him a long way. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nicolás-Correa-S.A

He was instrumental in starting the Indian Operations for Nicolas Correa S.A. He set up the sales channels and developed the Indian Market.

His journey from Service engineer to a C.E.O. of Nicolas Correa S.A. is remarkable and inspirational.

Q. Can you tell us about Nicolás Correa S.A.
Nicolás Correa was founded in 1947 and later merged with Industrias Anayak and today is the parent company of the Nicolás Correa Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Europe, for its huge size of machines and its innovation, conception, design and manufacturing of milling machines.

With the emerging markets and positive trends in India, Nicolas Correa Spain decided to open branch office in India in the year 2007. Full-fledged office started its operations in December 2008. India is a niche market and Nicolas Correa has an installed base of nearly 75 machines.

Q. What are some of the unique value adds that Nicolás Correa provides its customers 
Nicolás Correa is the only company in the world: To offer 5 years / 10000 spindle hours warranty.

Nicolas Correa has patented technology of hirth coupling on universal heads 0.02/0.02 deg indexing (A & B axis) with more than 1000 Nm on universal heads.

Q. What will be your advise to potential buyers?
A simple advice to the customer is that they should check and understand the technical capability and utility of the machine / equipment and not just decide by the brand name and price. They should also check the ROI considering 3/5 years rather than looking on short term investment of smaller value.

Engineering sector is a growing sector. Hon.PM Narendra Modi’s campaign make in India has given boost to many sectors such as automotive, industrial goods and infrastructure. Also in the current union budget, funds are allocated to infrastructure sector. So total outlook is positive and everybody is eagerly waiting for revival. Here it is imperative for the Buyers to think about their further requirements and enhancements in their product offerings and make an informed decision considering all the factors in totality.

Q. What are your views about GetMyMachine
GetMyMachine is the unique concept. And we feel that GetMyMachine will be appreciated widely very soon.