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Expert Interview

President of Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd.


About the expert

President of Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd. – a subsidiary of Amada Co. Ltd. Japan, a world leader in supplying sheet metal fabricating machinery.

Mr. Niraj began his career as a Service Engineer after graduating as an Electronic Engineering in year 1988.

He has a vast exposure in machine tool industry and sheet metal fabrication.  He is associated with Amada Japan since 1990 and is the founding member of Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd.

With his Service background, he followed philosophy of “Customer first” and “Grow together with customer” which payed rich pidendsto company.

Company is firmly on growth path under his leadership.


AMADA journey in India

Amada started supporting Indian customers since 1984, through agents.  In order to upgrade Indian Sheet Metal fabrication, we realized that it is necessary to support customers directly.   Formed Amada India Pvt Ltd in April 2000 (a wholy owned subsidy of Amada Japan).  

Our focus was to work at the grass root level with fabricators and update them the advantages of changing from conventional method to CNC concept.  

We got a very positive response and we started to grow together with customers - Hand-in-Hand.

In India, we grew from 60 machines in 2000 to more than 3000 machines in 2016.

We thank each one of customer who gave us the opportunity to grow with them.

Q.  Industry scenario : Outlook

Needless to say, India is on a Growth Path.  Government's investment in Infrastructure - Rail / Road / Metro / Telecom - will boost sheet metal fabrication industry to new heights.  

Further, change in end-user's outlook is seen - Quality consciousness is increasing with increase in global manufacturing shifting to India.

Q.  Path Ahead

Global standard quality fabrication, Digital environment, IoT, will be the key words.  Next level of fabrication will be governed by vLot (variable lot) and process range expansion. 

Q.  Unique value adds of Amada

Unique Technical Center in Bangalore - place for customers to solve their issues and real time verification.  Visit www.amadaindia.co.in   Amada offers the most advanced technology in terms of Smart Factory with VPSS3I - Virtual Prototype Simulation System with 3I (Intelligent, Interactive, Integrated)   Revolution in Fiber laser cutting and bending processes.

Q.  What will be your advice to potential Buyers

Seeing is Believing.  Look for a long term gain.     

Q.  Your Views about Getmy Machine portal

We found it to be the most relevant to machine tool industry.  Gives value addition to its users.