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During procurement of new as well as used capital equipment, technical evaluation is a critical exercise because:
Lifecycle of capital equipment is complex lasting several years, even spanning across several decades or more
Capital equipment procurement a long-term strategic decision, affecting business performance in the long run
Capital equipment procurement cost extremely high and right decision critical to minimize negative impact on business
At GetMyMachine, we help you with the complete evaluation of capital equipment from a technical standpoint with the following value-added services:
Best Industry Practices to ensure effective evaluation of the technical performance of various types of capital equipment

Service available for Wide Range of Capital Equipment including earth moving equipment, machine tools, material handling equipment, metallurgical and electrical equipment, plastic and textile machines, and many more

Help ascertain Technical Suitability of the equipment to meet your business expectations and standards

Team of Experts for Guaranteed Results- Comprehensive, accurate and effective technical evaluation solutions thanks to our hand-picked team of experts having requisite qualifications and knowledge, coupled with extensive experience across industry verticals