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2 Electric Axis - Sawing Capacity up to 115mm SOCO Unique Loader (MBLL6), 70% Manpower Saving
U Type (Ferrous TCT + HSS)
NF/ NFA type (Non- Ferrous / Aluminum)
The new SOCO Tube and Bar Cutting Line incorporates the newest technology with unparalleled functions. This revolutionary innovation brings you the unique loader ( MBLL6 ) and unloader ( CL ) - saving 70% labor and material changeover time (SOCO Global Patent). With capacity up to 80mm in solid bar and tube cutting, it is guaranteed to bring you continuous savings and production.
Cutting CapacityRound Tube∅20~∅115
Solid Round BarO.D. 20~O.D. 115
Solid Square Bar20 X 20 ~ 80 X 80
Main Machine Saw BladeBladesTCT or HSS Saw Blade
Diameter(mm)O.D. 20~O.D. 115
CoolingWater Soulable Lubricating Oil or Oil Mist System(U Type)
Oil Mist System or Cooling Air (NA & NFA Type)
Cutting HeadSpindle Motor(Kw/p)7.5/4(U Type) 5.5/4(NF Type) 5.5/2(NFA Type)
Spindle Speed(rpm)100~200(U Type)1000~1500(NF Type)2000~3000(NFA Type)
Cuttting AxeElectric Servo
Hydraulic SystemMotor(Kw/p)22/4
Chip DisposalAutomatic Cheap Conveyer(U & NA Type)
Vacuum Chip Remover(NFA Type)