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At GetMyMachine, it is our endeavor to help the SME fraternity who require support in the International Commercial negotiations.
The GetMyMachine Advantage:

Focus on Strengths-We know the party we are negotiating with, hence we can capitalize on your strengths and the party's weaknesses

Research and Experience-If other party very experienced, we ensure we study their history in detail to get useful information and insight

Product Knowledge- Expertise in the field of Capital Procurement makes us familiar with the product or service that will be the subject of the negotiation

Due importance toPsychological Factorscrucial for taking maximum advantage of the other party's lack of preparation and anticipate their next move
Balanced Outcome- Throughout negotiation, we aim at an acceptable outcome for both parties, without compromising our client’s overall position
Help create a Synergistic Relationshipbetween client and supplier so they work effectively with each other during contract performance