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Plasma Cutting Machine

Ref Id :E1912242
Date :24-12-2019
Make : Messer
Model : MultiTherm Pro

Description :
Positioning speed 24 m/min & acceleration 0.04g helps to reduce cycle time. Digital servo AC drives with precision gear boxes in X & Y axis. Robust beam with LM guides to ensure superior cut quality. Compact in design and fully concealed cables & hoses. Automatic gas regulation system – Eliminates manual intervention for setting the gas flow. Symmetric wheel housing design & parking space for unused torches increases the cutting width. Reliable height control for longer nozzle life and high-quality cuts. Messer hole technology for accurate inner contours. Various Marking techniques like Plasma, Powder & Punch marking helps avoiding post cutting operations

Machine Condition : New

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Coimbatore
Plasma Cutting Machine