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Milacron - Q Series

Ref Id :E2209121
Make : Milacron
Model : Q-Series

Description :
Q-Series has been designed to fit the high expectations of toggle performance while providing an extraordinary value. Leveraging the use of a servo motors in combination with hydraulic components the Q-Series provides exceptional repeatability while offering up energy savings. The clamp kinematics provide enhanced velocities while delivering a smooth and accurate operation. The clamp design provides for better tonnage linearity allowing minimum tonnage to go lower than previous toggle designs. The servo motor and hydraulic systems combine to provide power when it is needed, using less power when it is not. The eco-friendly design generates savings in electrical power consumption, cooling requirements, and lower maintenance cost.

Machine Condition : New

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity :
Location : Ahmedabad
Milacron -  Q Series