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Blow Moulding Machine

Ref Id :E17030373
Date :15-05-2017
Make : Bahubali Group
Model :

Description :
The salient feature of our PET blowing machine is that toggle locking system is provided for mould opening, closing and locking instead of the regular hydro pneumatic system. The toggle system is fully pneumatically controled. The advantages of this toggle locking system over the regular hydraulic system provided by other machine manufacturers are as below : Our machine is fully pneumatic and as there is no hydraulic system the problems like oil leakage, less pressure, frequent change of oil seal, etc. Are not there the maintainance required is minimal. High clamping force which helps in minimizing the parting line in the bottles / jars produced from it. Machine working is faster resulting in higher production output by 60 to 70% as compared to other machines. Power saving of up to 45% as compared to other machines.

Machine Condition : New

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Mumbai
Blow Moulding Machine