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Expert Interview


About the expert 

Mr Magal Krishnaswamy Narasinga Rao has 27 years of experience in Sheet metal cutting industry. He started as an entrepreneur in 1997 to set up his own business as Magal Engineering Co Pvt Ltd. Later LVD Strippit India Pvt ltd had merged successfully with Magal to set up its business with Mr Rao as Partner in the name of Magal LVD .Today after successfull effort of Mr Rao he had made his way to reach the India business head position as managing director of LVD Strippit India Pvt Ltd which has become a leading company in sheet metal cutting Industry

Q. Can you tell us about LVD Company nv?

Answer: The Company was founded in Belgium in 1952 as LV by two partners, LEFEBVRE and VANNESTE in order to produce hydraulic presses. In 1954 the LVD Company was formed with the joining of the third partner, DEWULF.Today this privately owned company is recognized worldwide as a leading machine tool manufacturer.LVD has its headquarters and main production units in Gullegem (Belgium).Moreover, LVD has its own sales & customer service operations in over 20 countries and every year about 1250 machines are installed throughout the world.LVD has offices in USA, China, Malaysia & India also. In India we have a widespread network in Northern, Western & Southern region with technically qualified engineers.

Q. What are some of the unique value adds that LVD provides its customers?

Answer : The unique value is the engineering. Machines in LVD are engineered well to suit the application of customer. Also the quality of technically qualified people in sales & service are among the other unique value of LVD to provide its customers.

Q. What will be your advice to the potential buyers?

Answer: Please look at the technical capability of LVD Machines & discuss your application details to our engineers in details so that LVD can offer solutions.

Q. What are your views about GetMyMachine?

Answer: I have a fixed feelings, fairly ok , quite happy.