simple turning centers DX 200-7 A, Rajkot, GetMyMachine
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simple turning centers DX 200-7 A

Ref Id :E17060085
Date :29-05-2015
Make : Jyoti Machine Tools

Description :
Rigid bed and single piece 30deegree slant saddle.Rigid headstock & spindle.High precision L.M. guide ways.Fast tool changing time just 0.5 sec.Efficient chip disposal.Tail stock with hydraulic quill.Hydraulic chucking.Auto and manual coolant system.Electrical with quality devices & panel with A.C.Centralized & programmable lubrication.

Machine Condition : new

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Rajkot
simple turning centers DX 200-7 A