Single Station Blow Moulding Machine-5000-H-1, Ahmedabad city, GetMyMachine
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Single Station Blow Moulding Machine-5000-H-1

Ref Id :E17060660
Date :01-05-2016
Make : Sadhi Machinery

Description :
We have a strong foothold as Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Single Stage Blow Molding Machine (5 Ltrs.) in Gujarat, India. Our Single Blow Molding Machine ensures the most favorable performance encircling plasticizing capacity of 35-40 kg per hour and crew diameter of 65 mm. Our Machine is very enduring having the ability of developing a mold of 380 X 380 mm with the thickness being 250 mm. Moreover, it is offered by us at nominal rates.

Machine Condition : new

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Ahmedabad city
Single Station Blow Moulding Machine-5000-H-1