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Ref Id :E1706131
Date :13-06-2017

Description :
Trun parts in half the time Quattro Trun 500 Turning, drilling and tapping at half the time when compared to traditional machining process which means higher productivity and better profits. As the name implies this CNC Vertical Lathe is a multi-axis CNC Lathe exclusively designed to achieve high productivity. Quattro Turn CNC Vertical Lathe is fitted with two turrets which can be simultaneously operated for machining shafts and other chucking parts. While 1st tool does the roughing operation, the other tool can follow the roughing tool for finishing operation. Similarly threading/ grooving at two different places can be done simultaneously using these two turrets.Quattro Turn CNC machine is rigid in construction having concrete filled column, heavy duty LM-Guides to minimize vibration and machine components using high cutting parameters.

Machine Condition : New

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Quantity : 1
Location : Coimbatore