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Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Ref Id :E1808131
Date :13-08-2018
Make : BOLE

Description :
Bole Machinery keeps focusing on the technology innovation for plastic injection moulding industry.With R&D from Europe and "Made in India" , Bole machinery keeps providing our customers with very competitive plastic injection moulding solutions. With Mr.KARL (one of the top engineer for plastic machinery from Germany) as Bole Chief Technology Officer and industry leading R&D team, Bole Machinery has stand out from the world IMM industry with coninuous innovation. Based on European technology, Bole Machinery successfully developed unique center clamping structure of EK series. It is a huge success since 2010 EK series put into market. EK series has become one of the most competitive products and "Bole Machinery" were widely accepted by the world market. Bole Machinery gathered the world's top technical experts to it's R&D team. In March 2016,the successful development of the world's first carbon fiber intelligent injection moulding line (CIML series) has put into use in Ningbo Huaxiang Automotive Fiber Research and Development Co.,Ltd. This was a huge breakthrough in the automotive parts market. This technology will lead to a innovation in China to the applications of composite material use for automotive part in the future. Bole high precision two platen injection moulding machine (DK series), was developed by German engineers. With the pure technology and management system from Germany, now Bole DK series is standing at the same lavel with European latest machines,and can compete with European machines. DK series injection moulding machine, is the most effective weapon which for Bole Machinery enters into the automotive industry, also it will become the hit products of Mole in the future. The year 2008 is an important milestone for Bole Machinery. In this year, "BOLE" brand gained more and more popularity in the market and become well known within the industry. Bole Machinery always offer customers with stable and customized machine solutions, and the outstanding machine performance of ole machines have brought many more new customers for Bole Macinery.In 2015, Bole Machinery establishe strategic cooperation with GREE (top household appliances manufacturer of China). Ms.Mingzhu Dong (CEO of GREE Group) herself came to visit BOLE headquarter in Ningbo, China. In automotive parts industry,Bole Machinery also become machine solution provider and strategic cooperation partners with world famous automotive parts manufacturers like HUAXIANG Group, PELZER (world famous automotive parts manufacturers from Germany). And Bole machines have been widely used in the supply chain for BENZ(BEIJING), BMW(SHENYANG), Volkswagen(SHANGHAI), GM(SHANGHAI), GEELY(CHINA) etc.

Machine Condition : New

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Quantity : 1
Location : Ahmedabad
Plastic Injection Moulding Machine