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Injection moulding machine

Ref Id :E17050262
Date :03-05-2019
Make : JH Welltec

Description :
S09 smart control system Software & Functions European imported from B&R Automation, professional control system for injection moulding machine 10.4” TFT colour LCD display Parameter change logging, user can know who change the data and the scope of data changed Quality control statistical process data, proves the stability of machine Excellent energy-saving effect The newly developed “Se?” Greenline energy saving series injection moulding machine adopts the advanced servo-driven pump system and integrates with our 25 years manufacturing experience on plastic machinery. When comparing with traditional design injection moulding machine, it can achieve energy saving 25~85%. That saving effect is most significant on both holding and cooling phases. High repeatability on moulding Result from the adoption of servo-system, the injection pressure and speed are real time closed loop control. High stability and repeatability of servo system enhance plastic processing quality.

Machine Condition : New

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Ahmedabad
Injection moulding machine