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Injection moulding machine

Ref Id :E17010200
Date :07-05-2019

Description :
Molding industry is growing steadily and the demand for good quality molded parts is increasing day by day. The requirements are always challenging and need expert solutions. In order to meet the required quality standards, the molding shop should have Injection Molding Machines that are versatile. De-Tech is a midlevel closed loop injection molding machine that is versatile and would cater to most of the diverse molding applications.The heart of the De-Tech machine is the electronic variable displacement pump which caters to the operations in the molding at the exact demand thereby conserving energy. The De-Tech series of machines is a work horse and comes with the proven LNC6 control system from Toshiba Machine. The De-Tech machines have a modular design and offer a choice of variety of injection units to suit the product application precisely.

Machine Condition : New

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Quantity : 1
Location : Tiruvallur
Injection moulding machine