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Blow Moulding Machine

Ref Id :E17060680
Date :11-05-2017
Make : Flu-Tech

Description :
STANDARD FEATURES : Tie Bar less clamp unit Clamp unit traversing by hydraulic cylinder Higher Clamping force with rigid C- Frame Both side Rack Pinion for platen synchronization Hydraulic Stretching unit with double stroke blow pin operation Guide Bar for platen Grooved Barrel with intense feed zone cooling with special water pump Normal and chilled water pipe connections with ball valves Water Cooling Manifold on platens with 6- 10 channels with temperature and pressure indications and ball valves. Carriage unit traversing to bring forward the article Grooved Barrel extruder with VFD of ABB make having 150% over load capacity for one minute Spherical Roller Thrust bearing with B10 life of 40000 Hours Extruder plate form with self adjusting ladder Guards for carriage wheel with wipers Bellows for carriage cylinder rod and racks Peppler + Fuchs Proximities Linear Transducers for mould and push out stroke. Siemens Limit Switches Digital pressure transducer for blowing with purging cycle Digital pressure transducer for clamp pressure Extruder drive motor cooling fan safety Fixed Volume pump with PC) block control Power Controlled SSR for heaters for energy saving Bosch Rexroth / Yuken Hydraulics

Machine Condition : New

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Ahmedabad
Blow Moulding Machine