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Blow Moulding Machine

Ref Id :E17010413
Date :15-05-2017
Make : UMS

Description :
UMS BLOW MOULDING, a fully automatic machine in single or double station is precisely designed to meet your exact requirements. The concept of "Fully Automatic" makes the machine operator friendly and easily accessible to moulds changing, Parison head and calibrating unit. It is a compact model, highly efficient, versatile and reliable giving maximum output with minimum maintenance at attractive price. The unprecedented precision in workmanship, strong mechanical frame work and premium quality parts make UMS Machines sturdy. The Extruder, Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems are consolably unitised, making it exceptionally easy to customise the machine to meet your exact needs. The provision of (VFD) A.C. Drive for variable speeds contributes to its unique forte of low power consumption. All electronic processing and safety controls are monitored on easy display.

Machine Condition : New

Price :₹ XXXXXX

Quantity : 1
Location : Mumbai
Blow Moulding Machine